Maradona Good, Pele Better, GEORGE BEST

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A modern day odyssey by acclaimed author PETE McKENNA

When Bob Bishop, a Football Scout in Belfast, saw a young lad play he knew he had discovered something special and immediately sent a telegram to the Manchester United manager Matt Busby. The telegram simply read; “I think I’ve found you a genius”

Hundreds of thousands of fans, from across the globe bore testament to the discovery of the genius that is George Best. The brightness of his rising star was matched only by the glare of the media spotlight and so those very same fans that witnessed his ascendancy also saw his very public decline on a scale like no footballing superstar has before or since. His sad self-penned epitaph, which perhaps fittingly, made universal front-page news; read simply DO NOT DIE LIKE ME!

No one who’d ever witnessed that sheer God-given talent could ever forget his greatness and hundreds of thousands attended his funeral, including the author, to pay their heartfelt respects. Maradona Good, Pele Better, GEORGE BEST is the story of a man who saw the ‘damage done’ twice over and his journey to simply say ‘thank-you’ to the best player to ever grace a football pitch.

Cover painting by the amazingly talented artist, Dinga Bell


2nd edition

AT LAST! Jason Brummell’s first novel is now back in print and resplendant in a stunning new re-imagining of the cover courtesy of Steven Millington

This is Hip pretty baby…

All About My Girl dips it’s beautifully shod toes (clad in Ravel Basket-weaves) into the soulful depths of an oasis of style amidst a cultural desert of post war early sixties London.

It is about the Mods, high street stars that shone in a midnight blue mohair clad sky and their impact on a rain-grey world. It is about the daily grime and the daily grind that only adds fuel to the fire that explodes into living for the whole weekend before jumping the trains back to grey-ness and Monday. It is about the impact of their passion and its wider social impact on those who’s weekends are a forty-eight hour wait for conformity.

It is about the gangsters who operate above the law and above their social station. It is about the law who struggle to adapt to increasing pace of change of the young idea. Those that agree that they have no pre-ordained place in society, fuelled by the amphetamines and the violence dealt in equal measure by those gangsters.

It is about those lofty individuals that sit in gilded palaces above everyone. About how there tenuous grip on society is slowly weakening.  How their morals prove to be their inevitable down-fall as they lie cowering in their ivory-towers left to watch their once-proud now-crumbling empires fall.

The ripples from those beautiful shoes spread far and wide!

Complete with stunning re-imagining of the cover courtesy of Steven Millington


Jason Brummell’s (semi) follow up to All About My Girl

Dig the New Breed baby!

It’s 1966. All or Nothing pulls up the velvet collars of it’s cashmere crombie up tight against a backdrop of when the modernist high street jewels of ’63 have gone underground and leaving the undue commercial spotlight to the new and the brash, unaware of their parody of what once was so pure.

Whilst London is swinging and the country is getting World Cup fever. The Government are increasingly concerned with the very real possibility of a devalued Pound and the need for the impending re-payment of part of the Marshall plan loans to the U.S.

In the midst of the high street peacock revolution one of the original Faces returns to these shores after three years and sees the changes of the past. Amidst the world of the Government and the ruling classes an interloper sees the changes that are coming.

Both are drawn to each other, first through grief, then mutual respect and ultimately a belief in remaining true to the Modernist desire to change the natural order of things. Naturally this does not go unnoticed.

The chill winds that follow are not the only reason to be grateful for such fine tailoring!



‘Leader in the field of Mod Fiction’ Mark Baxter/Paolo Hewitt in the A-Z of Mod

‘I really enjoyed this amico. You really caught the speed experience well’ Paolo Hewitt

‘Nice!’ John Hellier (The Darlings of Whapping Wharf Laundrette)

‘One feels the passion… the authenticity of it’ Claudio DNA Groove

E-bay/Mod-culture feedback:

“This and Richard Barnes’ Mods book tell you all you need to know!”

“Excellent read for Mods and Stylists everywhere!”

“Prose as natty as the design and the subject”

“Really knows the details – Sharp sleek and on the button”

“There are many books on the look of Mod – This is a book about the feel of Mod!”

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